Staging Your Home

Getting the most from your photography session

Although photos alone won’t sell your home, having the right images can make a huge difference in generating interest in your property.

So what is ‘Staging’? The aim is to present your property in a way that maximises it’s potential, drawing on your audiences senses, whilst presenting a lifestyle and tapping into the buyers emotional side. People often buy and sell homes with a great deal of emotion. I often hear, “We bought this house because it felt right”hence we want to ensure we can capture this through our images.

We want you to get the best out of our photography sessions and you can help us with a little preparation.


Here are our top tips:


Create Space

First things first! If you are selling your home, then now is a as good a time as any for de-cluttering. A potential buyer needs to be able to see the full potential of the space available and visualise how they may see themselves living there. Not only will this process help the photographer take some great shots, it will also prepare your home for future viewings.

If you have a lot of belongings, consider putting some of this into storage whilst you are in the process of selling.


Define Each Room

If you are like us, you will probably have a room or space which has become a bit of dumping ground over the years. The room that we store our exercise bike in, which now acts a clothes horse!. Or where we store the kids ever growing toys. Sound familiar?

Ensure that you give this room a purpose again. With a few small changes turn the spare room back into a meaningful room – An extra bedroom, study space, sitting area…..

It should be clear to a potential buyer when they enter a room or see the space, what it’s intended purpose is.


Floating Furniture

Think carefully about the layout of your furniture. More often than not we have a tendency to push sofas and chairs up against our walls.

Believe it or not, you can give the sense of more space by having your furniture carefully positioned away from the walls. Have a play around with the furniture and see what works best in your space. Trying grouping furniture together for that cozy feel.



Natural and light fixtures are both equally important. Ensure that your home brings in as much natural light as possible. Carefully consider any dark rooms in your home and look for ways in which these can be brightened up. If you have heavy curtains or drapes, consider if you can change these for something lighter. You can even consider a fresh lick of paint which can really lift the room and reflect the light better. Make the most of bright sunny spots, perhaps consider placing a chair and creating a reading corner or a window seat to admire a view.

Give equal consideration to your light fixtures. If you have bulbs that have blown, ensure these have been replaced. Make the most of feature lights and use lamps to create ambiance. The photographer will use these to bring the ambiance into your photographs.


Paint and Decor

Whilst we all have our own style and we like our homes to reflect this, you need to remember that potential buyers will need to be able to picture themselves living in your home.

Buyers can be easily put off a property by its decor, due to the fact that they can’t see past the Cerise Pink and Violet boudoir! The easiest way for buyers to visualise themselves is with a neutral pallet.

If you have children, think carefully about your child’s bedroom. Children have a surprising influence over the buyers thoughts on a property as we often sought their opinions. They too might not be able to see past certain colours or themes.



Make the most of any features within your property as these can add value. If you have a bedroom fireplace, ensure that this isn’t hidden and covered up.



If you have been in any show homes you will notice certain items strategically placed around the home. Fresh flowers on the side, a fruit bowel on the table, some cup cakes with a pot of tea, bathroom towels nicely folded on the side in the bathroom.

Not only can your photography create some great pictures with a few of these items, they can really create a sense of homeliness. You don’t have to spend fortunes to help you create this look, you make use of fresh cuttings from garden for example.


Clean and Tidy

Never under estimate the benefits of having a good clean and tidy prior to your photographer attending and before a viewing. As well as the usual dusting and hoovering ensuring washing isn’t hung out to dry around your home, or if you have pets remove any dirty dishes from the floor.

Out of sight, out of mind! This is not always the case so be aware, particularly during viewings. If you have built in storage, such as fitted kitchen, bathroom units and fitted bedroom furniture. Be prepared for viewers to want to look inside. After all they will potentially buying this as part of the property. Ensure these spaces are organised, clean and tidy. Storage is often a big selling point, so ensure this is shown to it’s full potential.



First impressions do count! – Remember that the outside is just as important inside.The entrance to your property is usually the focal point. If your front door has seen better days consider replacing or revamping. A new coat of paint and some carefully placed plant pots can really lift the entrance.

Freshen up driveways and paths by giving them a high pressure wash to remove any dirt, weeds and moss and ensure lawn areas are cut and overgrown shrubs are trimmed.

Also check the position of your bins. The last thing you want is to have a beautiful photographs of the front of your house with ugly bins in view.


General Repairs

We all have those odd jobs that need doing, that we have put off for a rainy day. If you are selling your property, now is the time to get on top of those minor touch up jobs that can make a big difference to a potential buyer.

Whether its some new sealant needed around the bath or a cupboard door that needs securing in place, ensure these small jobs are taken care of as this will pay off. Potential buyers will have confidence if your home is well presented and maintained.

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