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Is Spring the best time to sell?

Well after last week’s snow it’s hard to believe that on the 20th March 2018, Spring will finally be upon us! Gracing us with new blooms in the garden, lambs in the fields and a sense of fresh beginnings.

So, what makes Spring the ideal month to sell?

Many experts would agree, that there are seasonal influences that drive the property market, with some proving more favorable than others. We thought we would take a walk through the seasons and explore what unique factors play an influence in each season.


Winter can be a tricky period to sell and has its unique set of challenges. The main one being the weather! With less hours of daylight combined with grey sky’s and chilly temperatures, viewers can be put off from venturing out into the cold.

At this time of year, it is also more challenging to showcase your house at is full glory. Our gardens, which a few months ago, where bursting with colour, our lawns and boarders kept neat and tidy, are often a little lack lustre through the winter months.

And if you haven’t sold before the run up to Christmas and New Year, you then have the added challenge of people wanting to wait until the festivities are all over and their bank balances are replenished.


The season of Spring traditionally sees many more buyers to the market. With the grips of winter finally at bay, lighter evenings gradually returning and our gardens springing back into bloom, we generally feel more positive and hopeful at this time of year. Spring resembles; a new lease of life, new beginnings, a fresh start or a new chapter. So, if we are thinking of moving, Spring is the most popular time for all these emotional reasons and the connection we have to the season.

The better weather from mid-March to Late June is an ideal time to showcase your property. With a good spring clean, a lick of paint and our gardens coming back to life, our properties can look much more appealing during this time of year.

Families with children may also start to consider moving nearer to their child’s next School or College. As students are planning to move on, families also take stock of their situation with this being viewed as an ideal time to move. Prior to the holiday season of Summer and the start of September term.


So, if the better weather, longer days and beautiful gardens are such and influence, then surely Summer should be the best time to sell?

Whilst, this all makes perfect, logical sense. We are forgetting one thing – The Holiday Season!

Once we move into the end of July and schools are out for the next 6 weeks, the market often slows down as summer gets into full swing. Families deciding to go away during the summer months means fewer people choosing to look at properties.


You will be pleased to hear that the market often returns again during Autumn giving a good run, before our attentions turn to Christmas and the Winter weather takes hold.

Demand will start to swell for properties around October and this often presents the best time to get a quick sale.


So, there you have it, Spring is the season to sell!

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