Adding Value to Your Home

10 ideas that will add value to your property

You can add value to almost every property! However, it’s important to remember when embarking on any home improvement project, that most homes have a ceiling price. Careful consideration needs to be given in terms of the cost of your project and the projected return on your investment.

If you are looking to extend, be sure to keep these proportionate and in keeping with the rest of the house. Consider the layout and how the rooms flow. Be sure to do your homework and use recommended tradespeople.

Our top 10 projects for adding value:

1. Loft Conversion

To make this viable you will need a minimum ceiling height of 2.3 meters. Adding a loft conversion is a great way to add additional space or an extra bedroom for a relatively low cost. A basic conversion with Velux windows will cost approx. £20,000 whereas a dormer with double bedroom and en-suite will cost on average £25,000-£45,000, dependent on the size and shape. It is estimated that a loft conversion will add approx. 21% to the value of your property, according to Nationwide.

2. Build an Extension

The cost of a typical extension is around £1200 and £2000 per m2, dependent on the build and finish. Whilst an extension can add value, you could also be in a position whereby the cost is greater than the return, due to the ceiling price. This is where careful consideration needs to be given with regards to your budget and expectations. If you are not worried about the investment and the extension makes your life more comfortable then the cost for you may still be worth it. A double bedroom and en-suite could add a further 23%, whilst an additional bathroom could give you 6%. Be sure to seek professional advice and do the maths prior to extending. You can also seek the advice of your local estate agent to find out how your plans will affect the resale price.

3. Conservatory

Conservatories or orangeries can be a more cost-effective way to increasing space and adding natural light into your home. There are many different options on the market, which also often do not require planning permission. If you are looking to add on a sun room as an extension, you could add 15% to the value of your home.


4. Kitchen

Kitchen’s these days have very much become the heart of the home and so if you only invest in one area, then I would probably recommend the Kitchen as a safe bet. Consider opening out your kitchen into an open planned area to create a more multi-functional space. Consider clever storage and avoid opting for cheaper fittings where possible. Even if you purchase a relatively inexpensive Kitchen, you can really enhance the look by spending a bit more on fittings, such as taps, handles, sinks etc giving a high-end look and feel to your Kitchen. Even If you are looking to sell your home, this may be an area still worth investing in and you could increase the value of your home by 6% according to RICS.



5. Bathroom

Updating your bathroom and giving it a fresh clean look will be a good shout even if you have decided to sell your home. This can be a fairly inexpensive way of improving your home and still see a return on your investment. Kitchens and Bathrooms are considered high on buyer’s agenda’s. Adding and extra bathroom or en-suite is worth considering, particularly if you have just the one bathroom. By doing so could see a further 5% added to the value of your home.



6. Reconfiguring the layout

A simple reconfiguration of the space you have could be a great alternative, if you do not have the budget to extend. Removing, or moving stud walls could make your home flow better, let more light in and provide you with more space.

7. Bring the outside in

Enabling your home to integrate with your garden is very en vogue. Glass roofs, glass extensions and bi-folding doors can all help you to create this in your own home. Continuing the look and texture of the floor type you have inside, out into your patio area, can create a seamless connection. By adding bi-folding doors alone, you could add 3% to the value of your home.

8. Eco-friendly

Not only can you save some money on your energy bills, you could also add 6% to the value of your home by making it eco-friendly. Environmental awareness is a hot topic with people being encouraged to do more for their planet and take individual responsibility. Whether you are considering an eco-friendly extension or looking to save energy with solar panels, this could be very beneficial in today’s climate.

9. Apply for planning permission

Even if you are not looking to extend yourself, this may be worth considering if you are looking to sell your home. Your estate agent will be able to make good use of your approved planning application, when it comes to marketing your home for sale. Although there is an initial outlay for the planning application, it could also add up to £10,000 onto the value of your home.

10. Driveway

Particularly where space is at a premium or if you live on a busy street, it is worth considering adding a driveway if you have the space to do so. Should you opt for a resin based or gravel drive there would be no need to apply for planning permission. By having your own driveway, you could add on 3-5%.


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