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Energy Performance Certicate (EPC)

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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

We can carry out EPC assessments 7 days a week and provide same day certification. If you are looking to sell your home or rent your property, give us a call and book your EPC today.


  • £40 - Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire including a 5 mile radius
  • £45 - 5–15 mile radius from Scunthorpe
  • £50 - 15–30 mile radius from Scunthorpe
  • £60 - 30-60 mile radius from Scunthorpe
EPC Reatings

Virtually Sold are able to offer this service to any customers requiring an EPC for their property.

Our Domestic Energy Assessors are trained, accredited professionals who are certified by an overarching body, Stroma. They are also DBS checked.

It is a legal requirement that a valid EPC is ordered prior to your property being marketed for Sale or Rent. So, if you are looking to sell your home or rent your property be sure to put this in place at the first opportunity.

Further changes to the legislation in April 2018, also mean that landlords are not permitted to rent their property to a tenant if the EPC value falls below an E.

In an addition if you are considering Green Deal, an EPC will need to be conducted prior to this.

So, what is an EPC? / Why do I need an EPC?
EPC’s provide information about a property’s energy use, efficiency and related costs. It also provides recommendations as to how you can improve the property’s energy efficiency and potentially save you money.

Your property will be allocated and efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for a period of 10 years.

What can I expect during the assessment?
The assessment itself, will take approximately one hour to complete and the assessor will require full access to your property on the day, both internally and externally. In addition, they will also require access to your loft space and central heating systems.

As part of the assessment the assessor will take measurements of all the rooms and draw up floorplans.

They will take into consideration the property’s age and construction whilst looking into how your property is powered, heated and insulated. The assessment is evidence based, so the assessor will take various photographs of your property, along with noting any makes, models and sources of energy. If the property has been extended, double glazed or had items such as Solar Panels installed the assessor may ask you to provide supporting documents to aide with the assessment. If these are not available, don’t worry as we can still complete your assessment based on visual evidence and measurements.

Access to the loft is required in order to determine if the loft space is insulated and to take measurements. Also, some property’s house water cylinders within the roof space, which we will also need to look at.

How long does it take to receive my EPC following the assessment?
We aim to have your certificate sent back to you the same day. However, should you require this to be posted, this may take a day or two longer.

What information does the EPC provide me?
The EPC shows information relevant to the individual property in the form of tables and a graph, similar to that seen on domestic appliances.


The EPC is split into the following sections:

  • Estimated energy costs - Here there is an illustration of potential financial savings that could be made.
  • Energy efficiency rating - Your property will be given an overall score.
  • Top actions - Recommendations that will have the largest gain in either financial savings or energy efficiency.
  • Summary of the property’s energy performance features – This information will be ascertained during the assessment.
  • Low and zero carbon sources - Recommendations will be made here.
  • Your Homes Heat Demand
  • Recommendations - Measures marked with green ticks are most likely to be fully financed by the Green Deal. However, the cost of the measures should be covered by the energy they save. Measures marked with an orange tick, you may need to contribute some payment up-front.
  • Alternative measures - Additional recommendations are made here.
  • Opportunity to benefit from Green Deal - Details of how to access Green Deal finance, which may be available on certain measures that have been recommended within the report.
  • About this document - General information about the report.
  • Environmental impact - Displays the properties current environmental score.

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